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Student Services

We’re here to assist you in your higher education journey, providing support through the admission and visa processes. Whether you need guidance before or after your arrival, we are dedicated to serving your needs as you embark on your study abroad journey to Global universities with personalized services.

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Who We Help

If you are an ambitious student willing to begin or continue your education abroad, we are here to assist you.

At the moment, our services are open to non-EU students to Europe or Canada including non-EU nationals who reside inside Europe.

We also support EU nationals willing to study in Canada or UK.

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What we do

Expert University Application Assistance

Navigating the complex maze of university applications becomes seamless with our expert guidance. We tailor each application to highlight your unique strengths, ensuring you stand out to your dream universities.

Visa Support Made Simple

We streamline the visa application process, providing meticulous support and guidance to ensure a smooth approval.

Warm Welcome, Smooth Arrival:

Your arrival in a new country should be exciting, not stressful. We take care of every detail, from airport pickups to accommodation arrangements, making your transition to student life abroad as smooth as possible.

Exclusive University Connections

The University application process is a breeze with the help of our experts. We customise each application to showcase your unique strengths, helping you shine in front of your dream universities.

Short Courses, Endless Possibilities:

Explore our diverse range of short courses online, designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. Whether you’re preparing for university or seeking professional development, our courses are tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us

Personalized Guidance:
We recognize that every student is unique. Our dedicated consultants provide personalized support, understanding your aspirations and crafting a strategy tailored to your goals.

Proven Success:
With a track record of successful placements in top universities, we have helped countless students achieve their dreams of studying abroad. Your success story is our pride.

Global Perspective, Local Approach:
We combine our global perspective with a local approach, ensuring you receive comprehensive support tailored to the requirements of your destination country.

Continuous Support:
Our commitment doesn’t end with your acceptance letter. We provide continuous support throughout your academic journey, ensuring you thrive in your new environment.

Our Service Offerings

01. Consultation
  • On your best options for university and program selection
  • On the country of destination as an ideal place for studies
  • On scholarship opportunities and your chances
  • On student visa application to increase the chances of success

02. Admission
  • Pre-assessment of your documents for admissibility for the targeted countries
  • Recruitment and direct entry to our partner universities
  • Provision of pathways to universities

03. Pre-arrival
  • Accommodation reservation for you and your family members
  • Visa application handling

04. Arrival
  • Family members support services
  • Airport pick-up, registration, city tour, etc.

Benefits of Working With Us As a Student


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Partner Universities

Who we work with

We have partnership with universities and colleges worldwide. The countries we are working with include: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, UK, and Canada.

Having worked with many universities around the globe has made us specialized in university reviews, admission process, course curriculum, career path, value for money, and quality of education. Despite our collaborations with many universities, we always put students first when it comes to suggesting the best possible options for students.

Further, we have partnership with regulated immigration advisors and advocates in the countries of destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on many factors including your educational level, English languages proficiency, age, affordability, etc. There is not one size-fit-all answer to this question. However, through consultation we provide you with the best answer we can considering your condition.

You can simply click on the green button at the bottom of this page. You will be directed to Calendly where you can choose a date and time. Consultation lasts 45 minutes and for non-EU nationals cost 20 euro.

We can guide you and help in finding relevant scholarship opportunity which suits you in a specific country and assist you in lodging an application. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get one. There are many factors in fulfilling the criteria including past records plus that there are always competition.

Yes, almost in all countries students are eligible to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week. In few countries, however, there is not such limit and you can work full-time as long as you can handle both studies and work.

In some countries, like Sweden there is one deadline for all (depending on whether you are EU citizen or non-EU) but in some other countries as the Netherlands deadlines varies depending on school and faculty.

Normally, after you submit your application until you get your admission, it takes 1-2 months. but there are always exceptions. Student visa permit also takes minimum 1-3 months which can easily be prolonged due to high number of applicants.

Through our partnership with universities and colleges, we have sorted out this problem through the Pathway programs or alternative solutions.

While we can best help you before you submit any application, after refusal we can have a look at the reason for refusal and come with recommendations depending on the country, your background and reasons for rejection.

At NYSA Sweden, we also offer dual career programs both at bachelor and master level for athlete students wishing to complete education and sport at the same time.

Book a free* consultation now!

*We offer consultations free of charge to EU students.
For non-EU students, the consultation cost 20 EUR per session.