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Be part of Sweden’s premier dual career Program

The NYSA International Football Academy powered by Wolves is an innovative Dual Career program for football players aged 18 to 24. 

Be part of Sweden’s premier dual career Program

The NYSA International Football Academy powered by Wolves is an innovative Dual Career program for football players aged 18 to 24. 

About the program

At NYSA Sweden, we are the safety-net that many young players are searching for when being released from Academy Football, and for Academies themselves. We represent a strong ‘after care’ solution that further emphasises just how much a club cares for those seeking pathways away from the academy environment. 

Our ‘safety net’ package is called the NYSA International Football Academy (NYSA IFA), and we are extremely proud to say that this is in full collaboration with established English Premier League club, Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. 

The NYSA IFA focuses on offering young athletes a space for continued care and development for those released from Academy Football.

Though obviously challenging, it is the nature of the industry to deal with many extremely tough circumstances, such as being released from Academy Football.

It is in the moment that that we, at NYSA Sweden, are devoted to supporting these players, to nurture and guide them further towards their next steps in football, education and life

“This is a unique opportunity for athletes who are looking to pursue a professional career in football whilst also preparing for a potential career outside of sports”

Joe Hunt, International director,

Wolverhampton Wanderers FC

Based in Gränna, Jönköping, the aim of the NYSA IFA is to offer players at age 18 and older the chance to continue their footballing journey through the lens of a full-time, residential, education, training, and competition platform. 

Our first recruitment phase begins in August 2023 with limited spaces available for male players aged 18-24 years old.

Applications are open until mid-October in line with our educational partners.

Further admissions will be open from November 2023 for future intakes, including both male and female players

The program includes:

  • Full time performance training and competition schedule
  • Residential accommodation, including lunch & dinner onsite
  • Official Wolves Training & Match kit
  • Health, Well being & Performance support including onsite mentoring & Sports Science performance services
  • Pathways into various Universities across Europe
  • CSN approved educational courses in Sports Management, Marketing, Psychology, Leadership and Business
  • A chance to be part of the Wolves GOLDEN CHANCE program

Training & Competition

At the NYSA IFA we offer a comprehensive, full-time training and competition program for athletes that are no longer contracted to professional football clubs.

The program includes UEFA Licensed technical, tactical, and physical training, sports science support as well an individualised coaching and development plan.

Our competition schedule puts NYSA IFA players to the test against the very best clubs in Scandinavia and Europe, all through a host of invitation games, national tournaments and training camps.

Education and more!

Dual Career balance is defined as a combination of sport and studies that allows student athletes to reach their sport and study goals, lead an  enriched social and private life, and stay healthy both mentally and physically. Our Dual Career program is tailored to the individual needs of each IFA athlete and provides support in areas such as career planning, academic guidance, and personal development.

From Spring 2024, we are proud to working alongside Mälardalans University to provide flexible online courses from our campus.  The NYSA team will be onsite to support & mentor you during your time with us at the NYSA IFA. 

If needed, these courses are all CSN eligible to ensure you are financial supported during your education.

You are welcome to study any educational course or program of your choosing, we can support you in finding your perfect education and we will be there to support your journey. 

The NYSA team works closely with organisations, International Universities and the European Union to provide athletes with access to a wide range of tools, education and employment opportunities, both locally and globally.

Health, Performance & Wellbeing

The NYSA IFA provides a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters development through our dedicated Athlete Care team.

As part of the weekly schedule Athletes take part in group and individual practices to increase their awareness, resilience and wellbeing. Using a salutogentic approach we focus on mental, physical, social and spiritual development.

Athletes have access to mental health resources and are encouraged to participate in community service projects and other activities that promotes personal and social responsibility.

Through our partnership with P3RFORM by Game Changer Performance we offer one to one Digital Health & Performance Coaching which includes:


  • Initial consultation with an expert strength & conditioning coach to understand your goals, previous training history and any medical condition
  • Support from a multi disciplinary team of specialists including performance nutritionists, psychologists and physiotherapists
  • Integration of supported wearables including Apple Watch, FitBit & Garmin to track pace, distance intensity and quality of physical activity and sleep
  • Daily access, monitoring, and messages and with your expert strength & conditioning coach for accountability, guidance, motivation and feedback
  • Nutrition advice, guidance and monitoring via integration with My Fitness Pal.
  • Daily nutrition and support via P3RFORM nutritionist each month with your training.
  • Monthly video review call with your expert strength & conditioning coach to evolve your programme, discuss your progress and catch up.


GOLDEN CHANCE is a concept designed by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC Academy in association with partners NXGN.

The purpose of GOLDEN CHANCE is to provide young footballers around the world with a life changing experience. The program was launched in 2019 in Hong Kong, then in the USA in 2023.



All NYSA IFA Players will be offered the extraordinary opportunity to take part in the GOLDEN CHANCE concept through the process of a season long syllabus of Talent ID activity tailored to meet the needs of WWFC training, competition, and Athlete care methodology.


Be part of Sweden’s premier dual career Program!


NYSA’s IFA has exclusive modern dormitories on the historical site of Campus Gränna, all within a short walk from the training facilities, gym and dinner halls.

The kitchens, bathrooms, and communal areas have all been recently refurbished and are shared with other students living in the same house.

With an the onsite restaurant all student athletes will have access to  Lunch & Dinner on campus.


Within just a close walk from the student dormitories the natural grass pitches is located next to the 2nd largest lake in Sweden. Surrounded by lush greenery and fresh air, the pitches are the perfect place for training, matches, swimming, and other outdoor sports.

With the use of Ribbahallen and Roselunds IP, in Jönköping, training in able to take place all year round.


Training facilities:
Natural grass, Artificial Grass, Indoor sportshall

Additional facilities:
Indoor conference room, gym, padel courts, games room


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