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We make it easy for athletes to combine their love for sports with a great education. We work with schools, coaches, and sports professionals around the world to help student athletes reach their full potential both on and off the field.

NYSA International


 A Dual Career program for football players aged 18 to 24. 

Our Partners

With our collaborations with the Jönköping Municipality and many local sports clubs, we can find your perfect match across multi-sports!

As an athlete, some of your sporting options within Jönköping include Rowing, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Esports. And if your sport is not one of the above, we can solve that!


For Esports athletes, DreamHack takes place in Jönköping twice a year, with its iconic competitions, festival and Esports community at Elmia. This is where the world champions in e-sports and cosplay gather along with long-distance team players and people that are passionate about esports.

What better place to be than the city that hosts the World’s largest digital festival?

Sport Clubs

With our wide network of local clubs and collaboration with Jönköping Municipality, we can support you in finding your perfect sports placement. From Esports to Basketball, from Football to Volleyball we have it covered. Alongside your coaches within your club, we will support you in your sporting journey and personal development.

Sport Facilities

Stadsparkenvallen stadium, located in the centre of Jönköping’s City Park, has a capacity of over 7000 seats and is also home to Jönköping Södra which is currently playing in Sweden’s second division.

IFH World Handball Championship will be held in Jönköping in 2023, welcoming handball at the absolute highest level in Husqvarna Garden.

Jönköping is the city where Dreamhack takes place twice yearly, the world’s biggest digital festival. It brings together the best esports athletes worldwide and creates an elite gaming environment.

Tennis, Padel and Badminton can be found under one roof at Racket Centrum, based 15 mins from Jönköoping centre, with a range of 21 courts.

Both east and west of Lake Vättern there are slopes with tracks classified in different degrees of difficulty. Everything from easy to difficult, suitable for both road cycling and mountain biking.

Husqvarna Garden is the base of HV71, one of Sweden’s top hockey teams. They play in Elitserien which is Sweden’s division one of hockey, of which they have won the cup 5 times.

Other than plenty of lakes, Rosenlundsbadet is located in Jönköping and is one of Sweden’s five largest swimming facilities. with inside and outside pools, including an Olympic size swimming pool.

The crystal-clear lake Vättern provides a stunning centre point for the Iron Man race, launching athletes into enchanting forests and expansive views over the Swedish countryside.

Rocksjön in Jönköping has long welcomed competitive canoeists. The roughly 1,000 m long lake and the inviting surrounding green areas are perfectly suited as an arena for competitions.

Sweden is famous for winter sports, and curling is definitely one of them.
Jönköping has several facilities and the city also hosted the World Junior Curling Championships in 2022 .

Hiking is a great way to discover Sweden. Jönköping’s hiking trails have breathtaking views and magnificent nature experiences. Soft trails, beautiful views, expansive mosses, it has it all!

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