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Did you know that over 3 billion people are active gamers worldwide? And it’s predicted that by 2025, Esports (competitive gaming) will be bigger than any other sport or entertainment industry.

That’s why many schools are starting to see the value in Esports, especially when it comes to STEM and computer science education, as well as developing social and emotional skills.

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Our Mission

NYSA understands the importance of building strong relationships with partners who share our values and goals. We work with them on projects that benefit the Esports industry and create a community of fans by organizing various Esports events and tournaments.


To provide more options for student athlete programs and develop the Esports industry further, NYSA is forging partnerships with educational institutions, sports clubs, and organizations interested in supporting Esports. These partnerships provide access to expertise, resources, and opportunities for joint initiatives and programs.


We prioritize initiatives that promote diversity and equality to create a strong and supportive community of Esports enthusiasts, including student athletes, coaches, sponsors, and fans. Transparency and accountability are crucial to us, and we ensure all partners and stakeholders are aware of our progress. By building trust and credibility, NYSA leverages its network to achieve greater impact and contribute meaningfully to the Esports industry.

Nexus Collegiate is the League of Legends tournament in Jönköping for university student teams across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

The mission goes beyond simply competing and it’s all about empowering academic athletes and nurturing talent along the esports talent pipeline.

We stand for bridging the gap between academia and industry, fostering career growth in esports and putting the spotlight on the esports talents of today and professionals of tomorrow

Sign up is open!

Group stage dates:
10 October –  30 October 2023

Semifinals and finals:
23 November

Played on the LAN stage at              Dreamhack Winter

Until Round 1 begins

What can you get involved in?

In Esports, students can choose from a wide range of fields to pursue, performance management, game development, information technology, entrepreneurship, data science, education, communication, marketing, coaching, healthcare, and management, with the necessary skills and job prospects to establish their career. This opens up many job opportunities for students to establish a career.

No matter their level of experience, all students are welcome in the inclusive environment of Esports. Scholastic Esports is valuable to educators because it engages students and helps them develop important skills for the future. By participating in Esports, students can learn and grow in a fun and exciting way.

Esports Education

As a NCFE International Learning Centre we deliver a wide range of courses focusing on sport, leadership and development. 

One of our satelitte centres is Esports Academics who focus on promoting the growth of Esports in the academic space. Through NCFE they now offer customised accredited qualifications which are open for application now. 

  • LEVEL 2 Introduction to Esports
  • LEVEL 2 Entrepreneurship
  • LEVEL 2 Introduction to Esports & Entrepreneurship.


Esports Coaching

Coaching in Esports is a lot like coaching in traditional sports, where coaches help teams and players improve their skills and performance. Esports coaches focus on developing individual and team skills, giving guidance and support to players, analyzing gameplay, and helping players achieve their goals. Coaching in Esports has become more popular in recent years as Esports has been recognized as a competitive sport. Many professional Esports teams now have coaches to help their players improve and succeed.


The role of a coach in Esports is to help players and teams reach their full potential by improving their skills, strategy, communication, and teamwork. Coaches in Esports often have experience playing at a high level and possess a deep understanding of the game they are coaching. In addition to game-specific skills, Esports coaching can also involve working with players on their physical and mental health. This includes developing exercise routines, nutrition plans, and mental performance techniques to help players manage stress, stay focused, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.


As Esports continues to grow, the demand for skilled coaches is also growing. Professional teams and organizations are investing more in coaching staff to improve their chances of success. In addition, there is a growing market for independent coaches who work with amateur players and teams. Esports coaching is a great way for passionate gamers to use their skills and knowledge to help others improve and achieve their goals.

Opportunities in the city of Jönköping

Internship at DreamHack 

DreamHack is a widely-known digital festival centred around esports, LAN parties, music events, and exhibits. It started in Jönköping in 2001 and has been there ever since. We are more than happy to help those interested in doing an internship at DreamHack and shaping their future within this massive organization.

Starting your own business 

Science Park is a business incubator and science centre in Jönköping, Sweden. It aims to support and resources for startups and small businesses in various industries, including technology, health, and sustainable development. So, through NYSA Sweden and Science Park you can start your own business and network among the relevant companies to your business.

Our Partners

DreamHack in Jönköping is an exciting and immersive event that offers a unique experience for gamers and esports enthusiasts from around the world. It takes place twice a year, in the summer and winter, at the Elmia exhibition center. It typically spans three days, with the first day being reserved for LAN parties and the following two days for the main festival events. In addition to the main festival events, DreamHack Jönköping also hosts a variety of educational programs and workshops. These programs cover a range of topics related to gaming and esports, such as game design, software development, and entrepreneurship. 

DreamHack Jönköping features a massive exhibition area where gaming companies, hardware manufacturers, and software developers showcase their latest products and services. 

Challengermode is an esports technology company based in Sweden. They provide a platform for gamers to compete and connect with each other in online gaming tournaments.

In addition to offering an online platform for esports tournaments, Challengermode has also partnered with various organizations to bring esports to the physical world. For example, they have collaborated with previously mentioned DreamHack to host several esports tournaments at DreamHack events.

As for their presence in Jonkoping, Challengermode has hosted several esports tournaments in the city, both online and offline. They have also collaborated with local organizations and companies to help promote esports in the region.

Esports Academics is focusing on promoting the growth of Esports in the academic space and they are one of our important partners. They provide resources and support to educational institutions interested in developing Esports programs, including curriculum development, team coaching, and event organization.

Esports Academics also aims to bridge the gap between traditional education and the esports industry by providing opportunities for students to pursue their passions and develop career-ready skills in the rapidly growing Esports industry.

The vision of Esport United is to be a role model. Together with their member associations, they want to see a community that works actively against exclusion and bullying in Esports and digital culture. Esport United are not just any federation, but such that strives to lower the thresholds for organizations in Esports.

Their mission is to make it easy for everyone who is enthusiastic enough for the development of that industry to get involved. Esports on equal terms no matter what.

Phoenix Blue is a non-profit organization based in Sweden that is dedicated to Esports and digital culture. Providing decent expertise in competitive gaming and live broadcasts in an Esports context, they do collaborate with other associations and commercial actors in the industry.

Moreover, they also manage an Esports venue in the Jönköping area in partnership with Jönköping municipality, which focuses on the practice of Esports as a sport. Overall, Phoenix Blue aims to promote all this as a legitimate and respected industry while also fostering a community around it.

The organization called JUSTICE was established in Jönköping, the city of DreamHack, as the first official Student Esports Association in Sweden. Although it is an esports association, it also functions as a community for gamers, regardless of their skill level.

Amateur Esports Association is an organization that promotes and hosts competitive Esports tournaments and events for amateur players. The AEA was founded with one vision in mind: providing a safe place for America’s youth to participate in structured Esports.

Their focus is to deliver the highest level of youth competition while fostering the development of morale, sportsmanship, and citizenship for all players in the league. In addition to it, AEA is a big advocate of supporting amateur players looking to improve their skills and pursue a career in Esports.

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