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International Student Athlete Program

NYSA’s services are focused around the International Student Athlete Program (ISAP) which helps athletes across the world combine their sport with high level education.

About the program

ISAP is Sweden’s first International Student Athlete Program and works as a dual career platform, offering sports and education through NYSA’s International Learning Centre and our collaboration with Jönköping University.

With ISAP, we help student-athletes to combine sport and education onsite or remotely, promoting the long-term holistic development of the person, the athlete and the student.

NYSA International


 A Dual Career program for football players aged 18 to 24. 

Why Sweden?

In Sweden you will find high-quality student-centric education that is focused on preparing you for the job market. Almost 89% of Swedes speak English making it the perfect place for international students.

The country is a pole of attraction for athletes from all around the world. The modern sports facilities that are spread across the country make Sweden a great foundation and gateway for European sports.

Jönköping, the perfect city for students

The city is an ideal destination for nature lovers wIth its crystal clear lakes and the enormous forests that surround it. And if you don’t have access to a car, the city has you covered, since the public transportation here is one of the best in Sweden.

The city’s location in the south of the country offers a great combination of Sweden’s white winters, but without the extreme freezing part. In a typical winter, the city is covered in snow from November to February, so make sure to bring warm clothes!

How we support you

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Main benefits to our program

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Athlete care

The NYSA Athlete Care team is passionate about enriching the sports and education journey for Student athletes through our International Program.


We facilitate and support a person’s experiences of the ISAP by offering a range of key care services that formulate an integrated network of support, seamlessly connecting Education and Sports through multi-disciplinary collaboration.

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