What sports do we support?

With our collaborations with Jönköping Municipality and many local sports clubs we can find your perfect match across multi-sports and Esports! 

Are you already competing and want to begin your educational journey? We can help you too!

Don’t see your sport? We can fix that! Contact us and see how we can help you.

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Who do we help?

Over the last 4 years NYSA has supported over 500 international athletes and coaches on their sporting journey.

When retiring from their sporting career, 90% of athletes need to work. What is your future plan?

Both Sport and Education require common skills to allow you to meet your full potential. We will help you balance your program needs to ensure your transferable skills develop to benefit every area of your future career. 

Whether you compete at elite or non-elite level, want to continue or kick start your career, or simply have a passion for leadership we are here to help!

What is on offer in Sweden?

Located in Scandinavia, Sweden is in the heart of European sport and is the seventh happiest place on Earth according to the happiness index in 2022!

With over 100,000 lakes in Sweden, you’re never too far from a beautiful lakeside. Thanks to the freedom to roam (Allemansrätten) you are free to wander around and let the Swedish nature sink in.

In the centre of Jönköping there are three lakes; Munksjön, Rocksjön and Vättern. Around the city you also have the opportunity to walk or bike through beautiful surroundings and unique nature whenever you want. 

The city of Jönköping is an event arena with lots of different events like IRONMAN 70.3 or DreamHack. In Jönköping and its surrounding areas there are many Elite Sports clubs offering you a perfect base to begin your Dual Career pathway. As an Elite athlete some of your sporting options within Jönköping include Rowing, Football, Cycling, Basketball, Ice hockey, Curling.

To be able to offer all of these sports and international events Jönköping has lots of modern and flexible facilities in all shapes and sizes. 

Twice a year, DreamHack returns to Jönköping with its iconic competitions, festival and Esports community at Elmia. This is where the world champions in e-sports and cosplay gather along with long-distance team players and people that are passionate about e-sports. What better place to be than the city that hosts the Worlds largest digital festival?

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