International Summer Football Camp

July 2023


Gränna (Sweden)


All Welcome


14+ Years old


All Levels



Maximum of 20 Students

Theory and Practical sessions

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About the camp

When joining NYSA Summer football camp, you will gain access to the philosophy and playing style of British and European Football.
You will be under the guidance of a group of experienced coaching professionals who have been involved in top teams and the English FA, therefore have a wealth of experience in working with young players.

By joining our football summer camp, you can expect to not only improve your athletic abilities but also build a strong foundation for future success in all aspects of your life.


Our camp offers the convenience of onsite student dormitories and high-class sporting facilities. We cater to a range of skill levels, featuring programs that run for 2 or 4 weeks and cater for both outfield players, goalkeepers and coaches (boys and girls) above the age of 14 years old.

This camp provides a secure and hassle-free environment, eliminating the need for daily transfers. Whether aspiring to take your game to the next level or simply looking for an enriching experience in football, this NYSA Football Summer Camp is an excellent choice.

What is included

  1. Opportunities to train and learn with experienced coaches and players
  2. Exposure to different playing styles and techniques.
  3. Compete against other talented athletes and showcase skills.
  4. Access to advanced facilities and equipment.
  5. A chance to build networking connections with coaches and recruiters.
  6. Improved physical fitness, endurance, and overall athletic performance.
  7. Development of teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.
  8. Chance to gain new experiences and create lasting memories.

English Language

The NYSA Football Summer camp takes pride in its effective English based curriculum, which is based on years of experience delivering short courses, education and football programs.

The teachers and trainers are native English speakers, so the camp provides a 24/7 all-English environment that accelerates learning, builds confidence and enhances listening, reading, and writing skills.

When you complete your camp you will receive a one-on-one meeting with your coach to discuss their performance and a report card to take home.

Our Coaches

  • Licenses: UEFA
  • Coaching experience: Over 20 years
  • Languages: English

Our coaches at the National Youth Sports Academy are tremendously experienced in training young players for a successful career in football.
NYSA Head Coach, Owen, has worked previously within the English Academy, National League and Swedish Elite systems.

Our coaches’ mission at NYSA Football Camps is to design the training program that focuses on developing the participants’ football talent and decision-making skills. They work to introducing participants to sports psychology and mental toughness, preparing them for any challenging situation they may face on the field.

By utilizing a European philosophy and training methodology, we are focused on inspiring you to continue practicing and developing as an individual.

Owen Southgate

With over 20 years experience in coaching, teaching and mentoring with in the English FA, Higher education and sporting industry Owen leads with a person centred approach to all of our education.

Simon Norling

Simon has over 10 years of experience in coaching, supporting and mentoring individuals and sports teams

Training Program

The Football Summer Camps training program is split into two parts:

Part 1- On the field

Through training and competition, players focus on practical football principles such as principles of play, in possession, out of possession, transition and technical components related to each principle.

Part 2 – Off the field

Theoretical lectures on topics such as technique, tactics, sports nutrition, and game analysis.

Extra Activities

  • Day trip to Jönköping city
  • Boat trip to Visingsö Island
  • Swedish Cultural experience
  • Swimming and beach games at the 2nd largest lake in Sweden
  • Jönköping University campus tour
  • Sports excursion including swimming pool, racket sports, bowling

Training facilities

Natural grass, Indoor sports hall

Additional facilities:
Indoor conference room, gym, padel courts, games room

One of our standout features is the natural grass pitches just a walk from the student dormitories.

Located next to the 2nd largest lake in Sweden, surrounded by lush greenery and fresh air, the pitches are the perfect place for training, matches, swimming, and other outdoor sports


The accommodation included in our Football Camp fees is a furnished room for one person located in a safe and secure that is equipped with appropriate amenities and resources, including first-aid kits, fire safety equipment.

  • Accommodation: Grennaskolan campus
  • Room type: Single
  • Full Board: Lunch & Dinner on campus
  • Facilities:  Onsite Gym & Games room
  • Health & Safety: Doctors Surgery and Pharmacy is located 7 mins walk from accommodation

Price and Dates


  • Full board accommodation
  • Full time training program
  • Facilities
  • Outdoor activities
  • Qualified coaches
  • Certificate
  • One FREE Accompanying adult is required for every 10 students
    Personal Travel Insurance is required

Not Included

  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Health insurance
  • Travel tickets
  • Extra activities
Price per Player
2 weeks
2500 Euro
4 weeks
4500 Euro

Start date: 3rd July

After your camp NYSA offers:

  • International Student Athlete Program
  • Athlete Support & Care Packages
  • Online Short Courses in sport (approx. aged 16+)
  • Online Courses in sport (approx. aged 16+)
  • 1 year Pathway for International Sports (approx. aged 18+)
  • 3 years Bachelor degrees +football (approx. aged 18+)
  • 1-2 years Master degrees + football (approx. aged 21+)

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