Dual Career

When retiring from their sporting career, 90% of athletes need to work. What is your future plan?

With all our education you can explore your passion, whether its specific sports qualifications or a business degree to become an entrepreneur of the future, we have it covered.

Both Sport and Education require common skills to allow you to meet your full potential. We will help you balance your program needs to ensure your transferable skills develop to benefit every area of your future career. 

Course Accreditation

In 2008 the EU developed the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) as a translation tool to make national qualifications easier to understand and more comparable. The EQF supports a cross-border mobility of learners and workers, promote lifelong learning and professional development across Europe.

This means all of our educational courses on offer within our International Student Athlete Program have full European accreditation, allowing your final qualifications to be internationally recognised to the highest level.

NYSA International Learning Centre

As a NCFE accredited Learning Centre we are able to offer a range of EQF qualifications to support your learning needs prior to entering University level studies or the workplace.

Northern Council of Further Education (NCFE) is a UK based charity with a core purpose to promote and advance learning to help create a fairer society. For more than 170 years they have focused on changing education for the better, backed by a promise to support the delivery of the highest possible quality learning experiences for all learners. 

Our common purpose means we are committed to ensuring learners have the opportunity, means and motivation to fulfill their potential through the power of learning.

Our current available courses are…

NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Sport

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Sport (Sport, Exercise and Fitness)

NCFE Level 2 Diploma in Sport (Sport, Exercise and Fitness)

NCFE Level 3 Introductory Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity (Sport and Exercise Science)

NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Sport and Physical Activity (Sport and Exercise Science)

NCFE Level 3 Diploma (540) in Sport and Physical Activity (Sport and Exercise Science)

NCFE Level 3 Diploma (720) in Sport and Physical Activity (Sport and Exercise Science)

NCFE Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and Physical Activity (Sport and Exercise Science)

Pathway for International Sports

Jönköping University Pathway for International Sports provides you with a introduction to higher education in Scandinavia and to develop your English, Maths and Sustainable Leadership within sport. The main goal of the course is to strengthen life-long learning and global citizenship through a blended theory & practical course including a relevant work placement as part of your studies.

General Pathway

The Pathway Year General allows you to improve your English language, subject knowledge, and study skills. It will also helps you learn about life in Scandinavia and how you can make the most of your time here. It prepares you for university study, both academically and socially and offers you a conditional place into Jönköping University when you have completed your course.

Bachelor's Degree

Having a bachelor’s degree opens up rewarding opportunities that might have otherwise been inaccessible. Invest in your future and study at one of Europe’s highest ranking Business Universities. Our partners at Jönköping University offer a range of Bachelor programs, all delivered in English to suit your educational needs.

Master's Degree

There are many benefits to taking a master’s degree. While it requires discipline and stamina to complete, it strengthens skills that are important in daily life. These skills include critical thinking, analytic abilities, time management and presentation skills, all of which also helps you succeed in the workplace and life.

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