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October - May

How To Enrol

We can find your perfect match whether you compete at elite or non-elite level, across multi-sports and Esports. Are you already competing and want to begin your educational journey? We can help you too!

Choose your world-class education from a range of courses and programs within our own International Learning Centre, JU Pathway for International Sports, Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

Once you have decided on your program, we will build you a bespoke package and discuss the next steps. When you are happy, you can sign up and we can get the application process started!

We will contact you and request all of your specific educational documents and sporting resume that is required for your bespoke International Student Athlete Program options.

Need help? Get in touch with Nikoo!

When you are happy with your tailor made program  and we have checked your eligibility we will ask for your initial application fee…. now the fun begins!

Once all your documents have been double checked by our Head of Recruitment, we will complete and submit your application to your chosen educational course… Of ensure all crucial deadlines are met!

Once the deadline has been met we will continue to work on and follow your academic application and liaise with your chosen sports club and local admissions team, updating you all the way along.

You will receive an admissions letter from us, which will detail your bespoke Student Athlete program so once you receive your admissions letter from your educational course you are good to go!

Congratulations! Once you receive your admission letter into your chosen educational course you will also receive your insurance confirmation if required.

Any questions about your documents?

Now everything is in place you will receive your invoice for your International Student Athlete Program. We have payment plans available to help you start your journey with us.

We will confirm all payments & review all of your applications to be 100% sure everything is completed. If needed, we will help up choose where you want to start your new home!

If needed, our experienced team will gather and check all of your relevant documents for your visa application… It’s all happening!

If needed, we will complete and support you on every part of your study visa application, including any future plans to continue your studies.

Congratulations, you have now reached the final hurdle! We will now finalize your schedule and look forward to welcoming you to the NYSA team of Student Athletes!

Your Global Sporting Career Starts here!

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