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Our mission

As the National Youth Sports Association, NYSA Sweden, we believe it is our mission to shape a new world for sport & education. 

Our goal is to support the potential in everyone and provide them with the best tools and environment for their personal growth and development.

Through our programs we aim to strengthen young people’s employability into sport or other careers and gain transferable skills which can be applied into real-life.


From the moment our founder, Owen Southgate was ‘that kid’ horrendously bored in the classroom, he found running around and playing sport immensely fun, engaging and free. Sport was an environment where he found a sense of belonging.

Owen started his coaching journey over 20 years ago in grassroots and continued through to Elite Football clubs in England. After becoming a multi sports educator he joined the English FA as a Tutor and Coach Mentor to further support and inspire the next generation of leaders. 

During his coaching career in London Owen co-founded, LIFE Academy. Supporting young players released from English League football clubs to continue their sporting journey. In 2015 LIFE Academy hosted and organised a International Football Tournament, including Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Liverpool FC with special guest and Brazilian legend Pelé! Now operating in Brazil, LIFE academy continues its journey supporting young players with their sporting and life goals.

With his young growing family, Owen moved to Sweden with his wife and NYSA co-founder, Lucy Southgate, in 2017. After working within multiple non for profit sports organisations and young athletes, it was clear that sport played a strong role within global society.

In October 2018 NYSA Sweden was born with one goal… to enhance and create opportunities for young people  by inspiring, empowering and holistically supporting the person behind the sport.

“Sport and play were how I found a way to use my intellect in a way that I could articulate, relate and interact with the world around me. It was how I learned to deal with failure and come up with ways to solve the problems that faced me. I was lucky enough to have a couple of good coaches and leaders who understood this, but I also had a lot of those who didn’t!! Either way I learnt to view these experiences as learning opportunities and for this I owe my life to sport.” 

– Owen Southgate 

Our values

Everything we do as a team and as an organisation is driven by our core values. We understand and appreciate the impact people, sport and education has on society and are proud to be part of the movement towards a brighter future.

“Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” 

– Ghandi








Our Team

Based in Sweden, our team includes a broad range of experts and specialists. We are all passionate and invested in helping young athletes achieve their full potential in sport & life.

From educational guidance to sports leadership, and everything in between, we have it covered!

Owen Southgate

Founder & ISAP Program Lead

Lucy Southgate

Co Founder & Head of Operations

Jamie Davies

Head of Education & Development

Nikoo Herafmaher

Head of Marketing & Recruitment

Bahador Jafari Fesharaki

Esports & Business Developer

Simon Norling

Nordic Relations &
Athlete Support

Ákos Zsiga

Brand Manager

Alexandros Bitzarakis

Media Assistant

Elina Heno

Media Assistant

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